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Unlock the door to the ultimate fragrance experience with our VIP subscription box. As a VIP member, you'll receive a monthly delivery of 4 new, highly scented and exclusive meltcups, along with additional benefits and perks. Each month, be delighted by new, deliciously different scents that you won't find anywhere else. Don't miss out on the good stuff, become a VIP member today and elevate your fragrance game!

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Discover New Scents

4 Exclusive Wax Melt Meltcups; brand new, seasonal or trending 5oz Meltcups delivered each month.

Free Shipping

VIP boxes will be shipped the middle of each month, free of charge to VIP members. *Exclusions Apply

Flexible Order Cancellation

Have your VIP box delivered every month, or skip a delivery if the timing isn't right.

Early Product Access

Exclusive early access to product launches - only for VIP members.

Earn Aroma Bucks

Earn 500 points ($5 Aroma Bucks) every 3 months of being a VIP member!

You control what becomes permanent.

As a Limited Creation VIP Member, you have the power to shape our permanent collection through a vote!


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  • Discover New Scents
  • Free Shipping
  • Early Product Access
  • Earn Aroma Bucks
  • You control what becomes permanent
  • Flexible Order Cancellation
Keeping the surprises coming!

With more coming (very) soon: we're always looking for new ways for our members to earn more, save more, and get more out being a VIP member.

The Sniff-Tastic Process.


We'll ship your VIP box each month until you say stop!

Box Arrives

Keep your eye out for the VIP box. Trust us, you're going to want to melt now!

Scent The Mood

Snuggle up and enjoy your exclusive aromas! Let us know all about it once you're done!

Still have leftover? Skip whenever.

Await next months surprise or choose to skip, each and every month. And if you do skip, you won't be charged.

VIP Member Reviews


I just got my monthly VIP box and oh my goodness you guys hit it out of the park with these scents!! I love the cocktail theme and all of the scents are AMAZING. So good! I think I'm developing a minor obsession with your awesome products.

Bethany B.
Facebook Review

Wow. I just received my first VIP box and I am impressed! I have tried every wax melt out there-Happy Wax, Scentsy, and all the others. Never was satisfied as the scents either wore off to fast or there was barely any scent. These cups are huge and they are highly scented! My entire house smells great. FINALLY I have found a way to scent my house that is affordable andthese scents last! So glad I ordered this box!

Holly S.
Facebook Review

My first VIP box has arrived and what a lovely surprise it was. I instantly could smell the gorgeous aroma of the wax melts, which made my day! I haven't ever tried anything from the brand before so was really excited to try them out and I am very impressed! The smells are amazing and they last such a long time!

Vanessa H.
Facebook Review

I LOVE this VIP box. You get to try all of the latest scents and they are all so beautiful. The melts last for ages too!!

Kristy G.
Facebook Review

Wow! This was my first VIP box and I was so impressed. The melts smell amazing, they arrived promptly and the little touches like the theme card inside made it that much more fun. I can't wait to try them all and look forward to next months box! Definitely would recommend. Thanks!!

Paula W.
Facebook Review

I love receiving the VIP box every month. The unique and highly scented meltcups are always a treat, and the exclusive perks are a nice touch. It's like getting a little surprise every month. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves home fragrances and wants to experiment with new and exciting scents.

Gena M.
Facebook Review

Have questions?

Good news — we've got answers. If you don't see what you're looking for, visit our Help Center.

Limited Creation VIP is a subscription program that lets you schedule recurring shipments of limited edition highly scented wax melts (aka Crave-worthy monthly surprise) to be delivered directly to you! Limited Creation VIP also offers exclusive perks available only to members.

All our VIP boxes are sent out the mid-month. If you sign up for your first box before 20th of each month, you will receive this months box. For every month after, you will receive each box at the mid-month.

If you sign up after 20th of this month, you will receive your first box in the following month.

For example, if you sign up on January 20th, you will be billed on that date. You will receive the current months box.

If you signed up for Limited Creation VIP before the 19th of the month you will receive this
months box. If you signed up after the 20th of the month you will receive the following months box.

Your first payment will be taken on the day you sign up, once your first box has been shipped, you will then be charged on the 1st of each month. Unless the 1st of the month falls on a weekend or holiday, this may then be taken on the next working day.

When signing up to be a Limited Creation VIP member you will receive a VIP box every month. We do provide the option to skip months per request.

No, you can cancel your membership at any time after you have received your first box. Once cancelled, you will lose all perks and benefits of being a member. You will not lose any current available Aroma Bucks.

The good thing about being a Limited Creation VIP member is that you get the chance to try all new unreleased scents first, but these scents will then be released to the public at a later date. This means you can buy your favorite scents again if you would like to.

This isn't always guaranteed & these may not stick around for long due to being Limited Edition.

No - delivery for our black box is absolutely FREE to Limited Creation VIP members!

You can choose to skip a month in your account. All you have to do is log in to your account, select your subscription & select 'skip a month' in the top right hand corner.

If you would like to skip more than one month, please remember to repeat the above action above for each month you would like to skip.

Cancellation can be done 3 ways. You can log in to your account and cancel your subscription at anytime. You would also receive a text message and/or email every month before your card is charged and you can cancel from there. Lastly, you can always contact our customer experience team to help with canceling your subscription.

Please note by cancelling your subscription, you will lose VIP perks. It may be worth skipping the months when you do not want to receive a Sniff box, to ensure you keep these wonderful perks.

VIP points are added towards the end of each month.

Unfortunately, due to nature of this program we are unable to offer refunds on subscription box purchases except in extreme circumstances. Please make sure you are confident in becoming a Limited Creation VIP member before you place your order.